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DMC 4!!!!! Spoiler ( if you havent played it yet)


 DMC4 was great!!! ( Although it could have been a little longer). Me and my bro beat it in about 3hrs, it was fairly easy ( being that we put it in human mode) but if your an expert at the DMC system, you’ll probably want to play it in a harder mode. Nero, the game’s protagonist, starts the game off, but as you progress, you’ll be able to use Dante (yayyyyy), the serie’s main character. Nero is good and he has some great abilities, but no one is better than Dante when it comes to defeating those tricky enemies and bosses. In DMC 4, theres a whole new array of bosses and characters in the game, and the storyline is pretty cool. I wont tell you anymore about the game (shhhhh,I’ve already said too much J/K), but definitely go out and rent it or buy it if you already havent!!!!!!!!! : ) Game RATR rating 9.5 (P.S. I hope Im not the only one who thinks some game characters are pretty hot, but Nero and Dante are definitely HOT lol!!!!) Hotness factor 8.9


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