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GOTW: Game of the Week!!!!

jgr2.jpgThe GOTW is Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast. Yeah, we know its an oldy, but its such a great game, we thought it deserved its own special day on our blog. If you havent played it, its a game about rudies set in a futuristic Tokyo. These rudies go about tagging fictional districts in Tokyo such as Shibuya-cho (this district is actually a real area in tokyo) a city where there is endless sunshine, Kogane-cho, the district of the sunset, and last but not least Benten-cho, the city of night.  In the game, there are rival gangs such as the Noise Tanks and The Love Shockers who will stop at nothing to further their territory. Each of these gangs belong to a specific district (ie: The Noise Tank’s turf is Benten -cho, The Poison Jam’s turf is Kogane-cho). The gang the player starts with is The GGs headed by a young cat named Beat. Your goal is to defeat rival gangs and take over there territory all while eluding the grasp of the police, police chief Captain Onishima, and the notorious Rokakku Group who control the police of Tokyo. Oh, and as you progress through the game, you will be able to gain new members for your group (The GGs) by executing skating and tagging skills. Sounds like alot huh, but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the game. By the way, the game’s soundtrack is awesome, so hopefully that will help you while performing cool tricks and taking over rival areas!!! : )))))


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